TU Delft, Netherlands

I am currently (since September 2019) doing my PhD in the Web Information Systems group of TU Delft under the guidance of Claudia Hauff. I also obtained my Computer Science MSc degree (August 2019) under her with a specialisation in Data Science. I have a BSc degree (August 2016) in Electrical Engineering from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. I also worked in PriceWaterhouse Coopers, India for a year as a technical consultant before catching my flight for this beautiful city of Delft.

My research is focused on understanding how user’s search while they are trying to learn a complex topic (e.g. the causes and implications of glogal warming or the offside rule in football) on the internet. It also encompasses devising methods to help them efficiently learn while they are searching for the said complex topics. What do I mean by efficiently learn? Yeah, that forms a part of my research as well.

During my master’s thesis, I observed the effect of training word embeddings with less data and their eventually effectiveness in information retrieval (IR) task. We saw that convolutional layer helps in data scarce situation over traditional embeddings like CBOW. Needless to say, I am interested in most things that falls within the holy interesection of information retrieval and natural language processing.

If you are still reading, here’s more about me: My mother tongue is Bengali (7th most spoken language in the world and a distant cousin of Dutch/English!). I love football - playing, watching, arguing, re-watching, re-palying. I love hiking as well - mountains and Indian food are the only things that I miss in this otherwise beautiful country. Recently, I have been working out (at home). More recently, I want to run a marathon. I love meeting new people and taking up organisational responsibilities. I am/have been involved with Young Delft, IP Delft, Latitud and a number of events in the past. The fear of missing these 9am meetings make me wake up early in the morning. However, documentaries make me stay up late at night. Dig nerd jokes and shower thoughts. With all these evidence, I would like to conclude that we will probably have a nice chat over a cup of coffee or a pint of beer or (better) scotch on the rocks!